Welcome to Mission Suraksha Foundation

  • Mission Suraksha Foundation is the sole agency/body responsible for establishing the CHILD LINE service in the cities/districts of the country, monitoring of service delivery and finance, training, research and documentation, creating awareness, advocacy as well as resource generation for the service. Working with governments, international organizations, and local community partners, we strive to create lasting change with improvements in policy and services that protect children whether in a natural disaster, conflict, or development setting.

    Our organization vision a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.Our name is based on our premise that inside every international relief or development NGO there are core professionals who provide the structure and expertise to support the reach and impact of their organization. We are dedicated to strengthening operational teams.

    To work for Environmental Protection, Forestation, Plantation, Waste Land Management.To organized vocational training for women and needy people.To organized awareness camps, health camps, March, workshops, campaign and exhibition.To provide basic medical facility, sanitation, general health care and other needful support which can be helpful for public to overcome sufferings and agony of any natural and man made disaster and to facilitate them to rehabilitate.

    Some youth volunteers are trained to be mentors and role models to other children. Mission Suraksha Foundation works within an advocacy framework towards the realization of a prevention-oriented child protection system, gender equality and children?s participation in all decisions affecting their lives. Our work is strengthened by strategic partnerships and child participation. Mission Suraksha Foundation strives for a society where adults take responsibility for the safety of children, where children participate in the realization of their rights and are able to achieve their full potential.

    Establishment, maintenance and support of dispensaries and hospitals with or without medical schools or colleges and nursing institutions for treatment of patients suffering form diseases of any kind and accident;Establishment acquisition and maintenance and support to hospitals,dispensaries, maternity homes, sanatoriums, study centers, medical schools, or colleges or institutions imparting medical knowledge; Grant subscription and donations to hospitals, dispensaries -convalescent homes, asylums, nursing homes and other public institutions for administering medical relief upon such terms and conditions and for such period as the Trustees may think fit; Grant of medical help during epidemic, famine, flood, or earthquake or any – unforeseen occurrence or an act of God or war like operations, riots, civil-commotion and such and similar – occurrences;To promote and protect Indian Traditional music, dance, handicraft, hand looms, Art, modern art & literature.

Name - Baby Waniya
Father Name - Imran Khan
Disease - Hole In Heart
Age - 09 Months Old
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Name - Anurag Sharma
Father Name - Ganesh Datt Shrama
Disease - Hole In Heart
Age - 12 Years Old
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Name - Kartik
Father Name - Vikas
Disease - Blood Cancer
Age - 04 Years Old
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Name - Baby Suhaliya
Uncle Name (MAMA) - Naim Ahmad
Disease - Hole In Heart
Age - 06 Years Old
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Name - Baby Shahiba
Fathers Name - Atikarehman
Disease - ASD Heart Disease (hole In Heart)
Age - 07 Years Old
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Name - Manas Kumar
Fathers Name - Nitesh Yadav
Disease - Blood Cancer And Tumor Cancer
Age - 1.5 Years
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Name - Kiran Kumari
Fathers Name - Nand Lal Ravi Das
Disease - Blood Cancer And Tumor Cancer in Stomach
Age - 9 Years 11 Days
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Name - Kamal Sah
Fathers Name - Kanhiya Sah
Disease - RMS (Embryonal) Nose Cancer
Age - 9 years
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Name - Kamlesh Kumar
Fathers Name - Arun Yadav
Disease - Blood Cancer
Age - 4Years 3Months
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Name - Baby Tannu
Age - 5Years

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Name - Krisnha Kumar
Age - 4Years 6Months

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